بوت کراس FOX

بوت کراس FOX

Fox Racing Comp 8 Boots 2017



      Fox Racing's Comp 8 motocross boot is the perfect mid-level boot for riders looking for a premium boot for a variety of off-road riding scenarios. The Comp 8 boot is built to be rigid and offer lots of protection. With injection-molded plastic strategically placed throughout, Fox has developed a strong and reliable boot. Fox has also paid attention to the small details that make a big difference – features like extra texture on the left side's toe box for extra grip on the shifter.

      Another feature that makes the Comp 8 stand out among boots is the dual heat panel, with a stickier compound on top and a harder compound on the bottom. This – combined with the slim inside profile – makes the Fox Racing Comp 8 boot fit the bike well. With a light and comfortable mesh in the boot's interior, the Comp 8 also fits the rider's foot well (and wicks away moisture at the same time). Add in the suede anti-slip heel in the interior, and the Fox Comp 8 is not only a comfortable motocross boot but an extremely effective one as well.

      The Fox Racing Comp 8 boot features a three-buckle design. The buckles are built with a secure cup fitting and are reinforced when buckled. The Duratac rubber sole is proprietary to Fox Racing and is built with a sticky compound for superb grip on the pegs. Additionally, the boot's sole includes a steel shank, giving the Comp 8 extra support.

    The Fox Racing Comp 8 boot is an incredible mid-level boot that offers an excellent level of performance with every ride.
  • The Comp 8 features instant step in-comfort with minimal break-in.
  • It has controlled ankle support with zero bulging.
  • The sleek medial design with an integrated rubber burn guard makes for a precise connection with the bike.
  • The Comp 8 boot enjoys the same buckle system as Fox Racing's high-end Instinct boot, with a 2-into-1 lower strap design.
  • The boot includes an injection-molded plastic shin plate, calf guard, medial and toe cap.
  • Premium foam ankle support is provided along with a suede anti-slip in heel to keep the foot in place.
  • The Comp 8 boot features the exclusive Fox Racing Duratac outsole.
  • An integrated steel shank is in the midsole for added support.
كالكشن: 2017COPM8
گارانتی: ضمانت اصل بودن کالا
برند: FOX
color: رنگ بندی
size: 43
دیجی قطعات: در انبار موجود می باشد. 7 روز ضمانت بازگشت پول ارسال به سراسر کشور تضمین اصالت کالا
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سایزه : 43