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باطری سفری 9000mA ضد آب

باطری سفری 9000mA ضد آب

12V Moto Adapter Motosocket

قیمت : 240,000تومان

محصولات interphone برای باطری سفری 9000mA ضد آب موتورسیکلت


Code : PWB9000ADV

The ideal travelling companion for charging all portable devices, MP3 players, cameras, camcorders, cell phones, PDAs and consoles, even when a power outlet is unavailable. The PowerBank 9000ADV is a «recharge» that›s always available and that›s compatible with smartphones and tablets.

A full PowerBank recharge can power your Interphone or your iPhone many times over. Indispensable when riding and on long trips. The completely waterproof and ultra-durable body ensures full use of the battery in all environmental situations. Equipped with high efficiency LED light for nocturnal use. Four LED charge level indicator.


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